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Embrace Your Bald! There are many reasons why men might choose to shave their head; fashion, lifestyle, experimentation or to mask a naturally balding crown. According to studies, men with a fully shaved head appear tougher, stronger, taller and more authoritative so what are you waiting for – now’s the time to embrace your bald! Michael Jordan The Chicago Bulls, Tyson Beckford blazing fashion runways, and of course, Vin Diesel to make bald the new sexy. Though not all men can pull off a bald head, The majority who do more than likely take a few missteps in maintaining it and know not how to correctly shave the head Getting Started. Exercising the wrong grooming techniques or leaving it in the hands of your out-of-touch barber will completely f*ck up your dome. Why is this such a huge deal? Outside of vanity purposes some serious health and skin arise,these for instant.

Allergens: A bare pate draws more irritants than one with hair.Breakouts: Scalp acne differs from that developed during the puberty stage for it occurs when hair follicles clog and form red bumps. Dandruff: Failure to take care of the scalp creates a flakey situation, even without wool on the top. Sunburn: Case you didn’t know, that yellow dot in the sky projects damaging rays capable of fricassees your melon faster than hot dogs at a summertime cookout, melanin in African-American skin affords you with a sun protection
Razor burn: Something all too familiar for men choosing to keep a smooth, hair-free mug.



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By Wes Holland






Miusco Pure Badger Hair Shaving Brush and Luxury Stand Shaving Set, Black










A surprisingly dope designed for shaving heads. ATX (All-Terrain Head Razor) The Head Blade is an actual grooming product. Its biggest selling point remains ease of use as the blades come attached on a spring mounted adapter, letting you roll the wheels over the head to cut through hair seamlessly like a lawnmower through grass.















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For the bald and bashful shine oil and perspiration on draws you way too much attention, without stripping the scalp of its natural moisture. A clever trick worth trying is swiping a top-rated aluminum Free deodorant across the scalp. It’s one of several highly effective grooming life hacks to get you by until investing in some other viable solutions. SPF Sunscreen The melanin in African-American skin affords you with a sun protection…









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                   DRY SHAVE For Clients Sensitive To Razors

                                  QUEEN HAVE SKILLS 

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 Shaving With Confidence How do I shave my head with the Bevel Razor?






                     COMPARE THE BEVEL BLADE 

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