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For over 5,000 years, aromatherapy has been a trusted practice among cultures spanning the globe. Natural healers turn to aromatherapy for the many antibacterial, anti-inflammatory and analgesic effects of aromatic essential oils. So what is aromatherapy used for? Some of the most common reasons that people use it, according to research done by the PDQ Integrative, Alternative, and Complementary Therapies Board, include managing pain, improving sleep quality, reducing stress, overcoming symptoms of depression, soothing sore joints and even battling the effects of cancer. (1) Today, you’re likely to find over 40 different therapeutic-grade aromatherapy oils available in health food stores and online. Learn More About The Proven Benefits of Aromatherapy




YOUFENG Essential Oil Necklace Diffuser Family Tree of Life Necklace Pendant Aromatherapy Locket 49 Refill Pads (LLD Oil Locket)

Essential Oil Necklace Diffuser Family Tree of Life Necklace Pendant Aromatherapy Locket 49 Refill Pads

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Chill (Stress Reducer and Relaxation) Essential Oil Roll On, Pre-Diluted 10ml (1/3 fl oz)

  Essential oils are made using dozens of different medicinal plants, flowers, herbs, roots and trees grown all over the world — which have proven, powerful effects on improving physical, emotional and spiritual well-being.









Siddha Detox Homeopathic Liquid

Enhance Physical And Emotional Wellness

These homeopathic remedies are designed to enhance physical and emotional wellness. Jump-start your body’s natural ability to heal with *Siddha Detox Homeopathic Liquid  – let go of deep-seated mental and emotional stress. One bottle of Detox lasts about one month. All Sidda Cell Salts plus Flower Essences address the various blockages and disruptions in the electrical part of our nervous system caused by internal and external stress.





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