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Dreadlocks are traditionally associated with the Rastafarian movement. They are said to have spiritual significance which connects them to God or Jah as they would say. Nowadays they are fast becoming a fashion trend. This has led to the buying and selling of dreadlocksWOULD YOU $ELL YOUR NATURAL DREADLOCKS?






















                                     Hang Time ON Point











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                                     Short Neat & Groom






There Is A Tribe In Namibia Whose Women Have The Most Amazing Dreadlocks You've Ever Seen. Wow.

There Is A Tribe In Namibia Proud of their traditional hairstyles and clothes, Himba women are keener than the men of the tribe to hold on to their ancient customs.




There Is A Tribe In Namibia Whose Women Have The Most Amazing Dreadlocks You've Ever Seen. Wow.

This man’s single plait indicates that he is unmarried. Once he gets married, he will cover his hair for the rest of his life.










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Looking To Sale Or Buy In Yeoville  

I want to sell my dreadlocks I have been growing them for a number of years and wanted to find someone that would purchase them. Is there a market for customers looking to buy my locs if I should cut them ?Yeoville has a growing market and demand for dreadlocks and it is one of the places to go to buy or sell locks. Watch Video








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There is a demand!

From clients looking to purchase 

YOUR NATURAL DREADLOCKS for many reasons to include….

  • Hair challenged, thin on sides, back or top.

 • Don’t have time nor patience to grow them out .

Questionable esteem, how they’ll look professionally or to peer.

The trial period, want to see how they’ll look before committing.

»Customers Serious About Selling Their Dreadlocks Leave a message and I’ll reply with buyer contact information No Walk- Ins: There is a system to how this process works.  Thank you!


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