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Think of a wool sweater in the dryer wool repels all liquid products and shrinks with heat. If you do not set your guest up for proper home care the fiber will shrink around their own hair and will be extremely difficult to remove. I have used this process to jump start dreads for guests that are committed to the journey. *WOOL IS Perfect For Creating Braids And Twisting Locs It’ll Look Natural And Last Long Utilizing fiber batts wool for dreads allows for a quick process.  Check out the Step by Step temporary faux dreads








*Brazilian Wool


Step By Step Tutorial*Brazilian Wool Hair as a protective style for natural hair. This is a easy style to do because it uses the same technique as African Threading. It however takes more time to do but it’s all worth it especially if you do it right.

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 ♦ Install Double Ended LOCS

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Make your own Double Ended Wool Dreadlocks Extensions.

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* Single Ended Dreads How to Install Single Ended Dreads with a loop at the top.



* Double ended dread is dreaded at each end with small section in the middle,which is folded in half when installed.


 Single Ended Dreads

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 *Wash Day

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WASH AND MAINTENANCE FOR Individual No Braid Crochet.

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